Are You Taking a Measured Approach to Coronavirus?

We are living in unprecedented times and if you are a business leader or a person responsible for the health and well-being of your staff, patients or clients then what advice and action should you take? 

This page shares our knowledge and experience to focus on what we do know and applying it to the challenges ahead.

The mention of Coronavirus and many organisations are unsure as to what measures should be put in place to protect their staff, patients, customers, pupils etc.. from infection.

Our concern is that businesses are wasting money through conflicting advice and opportunistic selling. No business has an unlimited budget so we have taken advice and we are promoting a measured approach.

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The Truth…

A “deep clean” is NOT the definitive solution to your concerns relating to Coronavirus!!! A considered and measured approach is required.

Fact #1: the term “deep clean” is a very general term with lots of different meanings. What are you trying to achieve from paying for a “deep clean”. If it is not clear then what are you paying for..?

Fact #2: from a cleaning perspective Coronavirus is like many other common viruses and can be managed through an effective and regular standard cleaning regime coupled with the use of disinfection solutions. The best defence from Coronavirus is WASHING HANDS.

Fact #3: any cleaning targeted at killing Coronavirus is only relevant at the time of the clean. A few products may give some protection for a 1 or 2 days, but essentially once you have cleaned, decontaminated or disinfected you are back to square 1. What happens after the clean..?

Fact #4: many organisations are being charged £000’s for a “deep cleans” without any real reference to what is involved and any overall cleaning strategy.

Fact #5: the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently made a statement that “Fogging of disinfection solutions is not recommended”. We believe that is saying that fogging alone is not an effective cleaning solution.

We can give you clear advice, and should you require a disinfection clean we can deliver and it won’t cost you the earth!!

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Plus, we can also provide an ON-GOING solution to enhance the standard of cleaning to hugely reduce the risk of contamination to the users of your property. Ask for more information.

Does that mean “deep cleans” – disinfection cleans – are a waste of money…?

Not necessarily, it all depends.

## Not if there is a high risk of Coronavirus being present in your property A decontamination clean or disinfection clean could be a responsible thing to do. It will also re-assure others.

## All cleans should form part of a wider cleaning strategy – you should understand why you need one, and what you are paying for.

## Maintaining good standards of regular cleaning (and general housekeeping) is the best solution. Enhancing your current cleaning regime (increasing the cleaning on regular touch points as an example) – will help maintain a safer and healthier workplace.

## But what happens after the completion of a clean – no “deep” clean will provide on-going protection against any virus. Have you considered a long term approach to protecting your staff, patients, pupils, customers etc…

Do YOU require a Disinfection Clean..? 

We have the expertise to deliver the right service – achieving the right result – without hyper inflated prices.

Note – we can help you enhance your regular cleaning with the use of our sterilisation devices – ASK FOR MORE INFO.

Our Services

No use of chemicals
Low Risk
Little prep required
Rent a unit for regular use*

ULV Fogging Quick Application Use of chemicals Some prep required

Which Service Is Best For Me?

The type of service you require will depend on a number of factors. 

• Is there a high risk of corona virus being present

• The type of business

• The area(s) you need to clean

• What else is in the area you need to clean

• What other measures are you taking 

Our solutions are suitable across many sectors and can be used (subject to survey) in offices, store rooms, bedrooms, sports halls, waiting rooms, changing rooms, childcare facilities, retail outlets, etc….

You’re in safe hands

Meet The Team Behind Our Service

As a Group we are supporting customers across the UK to fight the impact of Coronavirus.

We have over 35 years combined extensive experience in the cleaning industry in addition to over 100 years combined experience in the pest & environmental services.

Our teams carry out disinfection cleaning on a regular basis as they tackle the perils of viruses and bacteria in various commercial and domestic situations. Whether it be an outbreak of sickness in a childcare nursery or disease spread by various pests, particularly rats and pigeons. 

Coronavirus falls within the same scientific category as other viruses and our products are more than effective.  

We have more experience in this type of cleaning than MOST commercial cleaning organisations.

And we don’t need to employ an army of cleaners so our costs are lower.

The Impact of the Virus

Coronavirus (like other common flu viruses) will have a different impact of each individual with the elderly or those with underlying health issues more at risk than most. From the information provided it is likely that 80% of people will only suffer minor symptoms and the mortality rate is still low. 

The consequences of a wide spread virus are difficult to predict but it is clear that the economic impact will be high and therefore the more people and organisation can do to reduce or slow down infection then all the better.

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